§  EagleTag is played between two teams of 8 players on the field at any one time. 

§  A defender must remove one or both tags to stop attackers progress.  The defender should then hold up the tag to confirm the tag the drops the tag to the ground to mark where the play the ball should occur.

§  A marker is allowed at the play the ball and must not move until the person playing the ball contacts with the ball using his foot.

§  If a player propels the ball in a forward direction with their hand or arm and the ball comes contacts the ground, an opponent or the referee, a knock on will be awarded. A changeover will be awarded to the non-offending team. The referee may allow the non-offending team to take possession and gain an advantage. If they are tagged, it will be a zero tag.

§  The game is non-tackle – the attacker cannot deliberately bump into a defender.  A defender cannot change direction and move into an attackers path.  Whoever initiates contact will be penalised. The onus is on the attacking player to avoid a defender.

§  The ball carrier is not allowed to protect his tag or fend off defenders.

§  A try is awarded to the attacking team when they ground the ball on or over the try line.

§  The defence must be back 5 metres. 



§  The ball may be kicked on any tag, below the shoulders of the referee.

§  The kicking team can not dive on their own kicked ball in any situation but can kick on.

§  If the ball lands in the field of play and then rolls across the try line from the kick off, whether touched or not, a line drop out will be awarded. The try line becomes the dead ball line for all kicks.

§  If a kick is made from inside the 50 metre line and crosses the sideline between the tryline and the 10m line, the kicking team shall receive possession and a new set of 6 tackles. This shall be referred to as a 50/10.

§  If a ball is kicked from between the tryline and the 10 metre line and crosses the touchline after the halfway line the kicking team shall receive possession and a new set of 6 tackles. This shall be referred to as a 10/50.



§  The defensive line can only move forward when dummy half touches the ball.

§  The dummy half can run and be tagged with the ball. Dummy half may score a try.



§  Any player in possession is deemed tagged if they are in possession of the ball with only one tag on. The exception to this if the referee deems the players was tagged illegally and he will first call play-on and allow for an advantage before awarding a penalty.

§  The only persons able to promote the ball with one tag on is the dummy half, and the player taking a tap after a penaty. This player must not take more than one step with the ball.

§  A simultaneous tag is play on.  If the referee is unable to decide, the pass is allowed and the play should continue.

§  If the ball is kicked or passed into the referee, the referee will order a changeover where he was struck.

§  A player may dive for a try but if a players knees hit the ground before the ball is grounded the try is disallowed and a tag is counted.

§  Unsportsmanlike conduct covers the behaviour and attitude of players on the field and may result in a penalty, sin bin or dismissal.

§  Any player dismissed from the field will automatically receive a one week suspension from all EagleTag competitions.




o   U6's to U10’s Boys & Girls & Mixed

§  There is no marker in Under 6 & Under 8.

§  The dummy half can not score in Under 6, Under 8 or Under 10 Divisions. If the dummy half is tagged without passing a changeover will be awarded.

§  The defence cannot move until the 1st receiver touches the ball or the dummy half chooses to run.

§  All other divisions will play under the Senior competition rules.



§  1 point is awarded for all tries

§  2 Points will be awarded for every female try scored in mixed competitions. This includes mixed teams made up of all females and all junior competitions where Boys/Girls divisions are not specified.

§  In all Senior Competitions only, tries scored in the bonus zone will receive 1 bonus point. The bonus zone will be 2.5 metres either side of the middle of the tryline, marked by separate markers.

§  Winning Teams will receive 3 competition points

§  Drawn Game will receive 2 competition points

§  Losing Teams will receive 1 competition point

§  In all Senior Competitions only, teams who have original and creative jersey designs will receive 2 bonus points.

§  In all Senior Competitions only, teams who register 10 players on or before the first competition night will receive 3 bonus points



§  Semi Final formats will differ with each competition. These will be published closer to the end of each season

§  If any semi final game ends in a score-draw, the team who scored the first try of the game will be declared the winner.

§  If any semi final game ends in a scoreless draw the following criteria will determine the winner

§  The first team to have registered 10 players before the first night of the season

§  Team ranked highest on the standings

§  If any Grand Final results in a draw there will be 5 minutes golden try extra time. Each team will have a minimum of 1 possession before a result can be determined. If the result is still a draw, the team who scored the first try of the game will be declared the winner. In the event of a scoreless draw the team finishing higher on the table will be declared the winner.