We would like to offer Northern Beaches Schools the opportunity for students to participate in Development EagleTag clinics, in preparation for the upcoming Gala Days run by Manly EagleTag. Our friendly, qualified staff provide a safe environment for students to learn and develop fundamental skills. Clinics will be run by Manly EagleTag who have over 20 years experience in Coaching, Junior Development and School Competitions. 

Every term your school has the opportunity to run three different types of clinics within your school, at the most convenient location for you, whether this is your school grounds (during school sport) or a local field.

Our first option is "Get Tagged You'll Love it" this is a 4-week introductory clinic, teaching students the basics of OzTag, being passing, kicking, tagging & game basics. Run during school hours

Our second option is "Rip it, Kick it, Love it" this is a 6-week course implementing the essential introductory skills and drills, furthering into game strategies and techniques. Run during school hours.

Our third option is our "Bringing Pro- Tagger to you" clinic. This is a before or afterschool clinic we run at YOUR school. The clinic will teach more complex game tactics and skills to further players knowledge and understanding of the game. The course is often booked leading up to events and tournaments to give players extra skills from State Cup Coaches.
For more information or to book in your school please EMAIL US